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What is Yeovil & SS LETS?

Yeovil & South Somerset LETS is a way of sharing your skills and talents, obtaining items or getting jobs done that may not be possible or affordable in the sterling world. It is a non-profit making organisation run by ordinary people, for ordinary people.

In the Yeovil & SS LETS system, we have our own currency known as ‘Scrumpys’. We even have our own chequebooks, which are used in the same way you use a normal chequebook.

When a member earns Scrumpys, they post their ’cheques’ in the LETS post box in Ceres Whole foods, 9-11 Princes Street, Yeovil, BA20 1EN where they are then collected and entered into that members account.

Members can buy anything they want from within the system for Scrumpys.

Any one can become a member. You will need to offer skills or services for which you can be ‘paid’ in Scrumpys.

It’s a very people orientated system, consisting of members who just want to improve their lives and share skills in a social way.

It’s also a great way of turning a hobby into a way of earning Scumpys.

What services will I have access to?

Members offer a range of goods and services, available for ‘Scrumpys’ through the LETS scheme.

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  • Carpentry
    • Cleaning
  • Soft furnishings
  • Decorating
    • DIY
  • Face painting
  • Cooking
    • Alternative therapies
  • Music
    • Teaching
  • Gardening
  • Photography
    • Babysitting
image face paint
  • Energy advice
    • Home help
      • Computer assistance
  • Items for hire
    • Workshops
  • Work parties
  • Ceres Whole food Store

Once a member, you will be given an account number. You can start using your account immediately, as there are no interest charges.

You will also be given a directory, which is crammed with all the skills and services you now have access to.

Every month there is usually a social event. This may take the form of a workshop, a meeting, an outing or simply trading.

A trading event is one where members bring items which they wish to sell for Scrumpys. This is another way of earning Scrumpys and meeting other members. These events also usually lead onto even more trading as members get to know one another.

A monthly newsletter/bulliten keeps members in touch and informs them of any events. Members also use it to promote themselves or to sell items.

How do I join?

Joining is easy . You can join as a couple, individually, as a group, club or as a business.

Ask at Ceres Wholefoods , 9-11 Princes Street, Yeovil, BA20 1EN for a joining form.

On Joining

On your joining form, you will be asked to list your ‘offers’ (skills and services you’d like to be ‘paid’ for doing) and ‘wants’ (Skills and services you need).

How much does it cost to join?

1 years membership costs £6 concessions upon application, (senior citizens, students, house-holds on a low income or unwaged), plus 20 Scrumpys, which is also automatically deducted from your account once you become a member.

The Yeovil & SS LETS scheme is keen to welcome all new members. We look forward to meeting you soon.